We provide an excellent service in supplying aboratory diagnostic equipment. In cellular and molecular biology and laboratory equipment to customers worldwide. Our aim is to provide the products and services you are looking for at an affordable price. We have experience with haematology, chemistry, coagulation, immunology, and other laboratory instruments and reagents/chemicals.

The following list of equipment is an excellent example of the types of laboratory equipment we commonly distribute:


  •      Reagents for research
  •      Microscopy
  •  flow cytometry instruments, all models
  •  incubators and Centrifuges
  •  Balances and scales
  •  Autoclaves
  •  liquid nitrogen tanks
  •  calibration weight
  •  cell washer
  •  Consumables
  •  Shakers
  •  Sonicators
  •  Imagers
  •  Peptide synthesizer


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